Weekly Scheduled Planner Desk Pad
Weekly Scheduled Planner Desk Pad

Weekly Scheduled Planner Desk Pad

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A must have for every busy life to quickly drop down notes for the day/week.

This desk pad contains 50 easy tear off sheets that will last you entire year! Unless you're like me and cant deal with crossed words and misspellings :) Its so easy to carry it around due to its perfect size of A4 which is 297mm x 210mm. With its simple design you won't forget anything with this planner. It has a tick list section to drop down all your to do's for the week as well as a small note section for quick reminders. This planner comes in a 12 hour time schedule which includes meal planning in between times.

- 50 tear off sheets
- Same design on each sheet
- A4 size (297mm x 210mm)
- Each sheet is 90gsm
- Glued at the top

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"This planner has been designed for myself and the points listed above are the actual things I struggle with during the day. Thinking of what to cook 3 times a day has been draining my life out and I spare myself an hour to plan out about a weeks worth of meals. I partly home school and activity planning helps me a lot. We do school in the morning so having an activity planned before hand makes it easier to wake up and just know what you are doing. My planner pad is always out either on the table or counter top, I make up my shopping list as I go through the days and when I am due to go shopping I bring all the lists together. Never forget anything! Water intake, of course... anybody that knows me knows that I am terrible when it comes to water so it has to be tracked! Did you know that you could custom make your planner pad? Send us a message and we can talk about 'your' struggles in a day"

                                                                                                   - Ayse Cibo